Below is a collection of common questions and errors and their answers and solutions. Please read through this carefully before asking for help.

Authorization rejected from nntp server

Check you have enough available connections not currently in use

White screen instead of web page

This is probably a php error not being displayed to browser or session timed out and 403 being throw.

Database logging

Having issues with performance or want to debug database hits, then define define(‘DB_LOG’, ‘/tmp/nndblog.log’); to output all ran queries to text file.

Lots of binary headers processed but few releases created

The binary headers downloaded do not match the regexs used to create a release. The message headers must follow popular formats in order for releases to be created.

Search and raws earch requests lose page CSS styling

Use the provided Apache VirtualHost.

Error: Server did not return article numbers 1234567

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, see section on missing parts.

Error: Connection timed out

If you’re seeing errors like:

Connection timed out. Reconnecting...
Cannot connect to server *******
Already connected, disconnect first!

Disabling compressed headers should solve the issue.

Error: Session error during install step1

Set register_globals to off in php.ini.

Error in TMDb.php with strstr

If you’re seeing an error like:

Warning: Wrong parameter count for ``strstr()`` in ``newznab\www\lib\TMDb.php`` on line 354

You’re most likely using the wrong php version; upgrade to version 5.3+.

Error: PEAR::isError()

Error like:

Strict Standards: Non-static method PEAR::isError() should not be called statically

Set error_reporting = E_ALL ^ E_STRICT in php.ini.

Error: 502 Bad Gateway

Error at $cfg->pearCheck = @include('System.php'); solved by adding in open_basedir path to pear.

Error: curl_init()

Call to undefined function curl_init(). Make sure you are using the right php.ini file. If you are using WAMP, then the php.ini file that Apache uses is in the Apache /bin folder (not the php.ini in wamp/php). The php cli will use the first php.ini it can find in the Windows path environmental variable. In my case, this was an old version in another php directory I set up. Once I deleted that, it used the version in the /wamp/php directory.

Error: “MySQL server has gone away…”

MySQL is dropping your connection. Adjust max_allowed_packet in my.cnf, which you should have already set according to the install docs, and if that doesn’t fix it, you can try adjusting mysql.connect_timeout in php.ini.

Movies with a large number of releases are not listing the releases properly

Read the install docs (see group_concat_max_len under MySQL).

No previews or media info

Check that you version of unrar > 3.8.

Php cli not seeing that curl is installed on a wamp server

When you use the php cli windows uses php.exe inside the php wamp directory, that php is for web only really. Point Newznab to the php-win.exe in the same directory. The only script having problem was updatereleases.bat so in that script now looks like C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.5\php-win.exe update_releases.php

Updating releases is taking forever

If updating releases appears to have frozen at Stage 8 . You have the header retention set too high, or during a large import have allowed too many parts/binaries to be inserted, and mysql takes a long time to prune the table. It will finish eventually, just be patient.

Error: Parts failed to insert

If you’re getting the WARNING: xxx Parts failed to insert error it is likely that something went a little crazy with your parts table. In order to fix this you need to truncate (empty) your parts, partrepair and binaries tables and “reset” your groups.

First, truncate your tables (SQL):

TRUNCATE `parts`;
TRUNCATE `partrepair`;
TRUNCATE `binaries`;

Now, if the error occurred during normal update_binaries operation, then you don’t actually need to completely reset your groups table and instead you can just reset its knowledge of how to go “forward” (i.e. what to consider as new posts). You can do this like so:

UPDATE groups SET last_record = 0;
UPDATE groups SET last_record_postdate = NULL;

If the error occurred while backfilling, you’ll most likely want to update first_record and first_record_postdate in the same manner.

Additionally, you’ll probably want to set the “Where to start new groups” setting to the appropriate value (like 1 day, for example).

Error: stream_socket_client or “Failed to write to socket”

If you see errors like stream_socket_client or “Failed to write to socket” while trying to connect to your news server, it is possible that the standard NNTP ports (119 and 563) are being blocked (either by your ISP or a firewall). Try setting your NNTP port to 80 (for non-ssl) or 443 (for ssl), if you’re news server supports it (many do).

Error: PHP Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given

Corrupted mysql tables. Run misc\update_scripts\optimise_db.php true to force an optimise and repair of all mysql tables.

Error: You must have POSIX and PCNTL functions to use PowerSpawn

The threaded update scripts can only be run on Linux systems with posix installed. Recompile php with –enable-pcntl

No releases appear in audio or console view

Check you are not using cover view and using the shared Amazon api key. Get your own key or switch to list view.

Error: “Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:xampphtdocsnnpluswwwinstallindex.php on line 50”

Reinstall xampp.

Sphinx not updating Delta index. New releases not visible

There is known issues with Windows. Solution is to change “preopen_indexes” from 1 to 0 in sphinx.conf

Sphinx error - PHP Notice: Undefined index: total-documents in /var/www/newznab/htdocs/www/lib/sphinx.php on line 331

Indexes have failed to be rotated from <indexname>.new.sph to <indexname>.sph. Sphinx expects the old files to be there. Solution is to goto the sphinxdata dir and…

rm releases* touch releases.{spa,spd,sph,spi,spk,spm,spp,sps} touch releases_delta.{spa,spd,sph,spi,spk,spm,spp,sps} then run a full + delta index for releases.

See also http://sphinxsearch.com/forum/view.html?id=9859

Script terminating early when using freebsd

Ensure all the php libraries are included

extension=gd.so extension=session.so extension=mysql.so extension=curl.so extension=xml.so extension=ctype.so extension=openssl.so extension=iconv.so extension=mysqli.so extension=hash.so extension=zlib.so extension=pcntl.so extension=posix.so extension=simplexml.so

If you are seeing this in your error log: Fatal error: Class ‘COM’ not found

You require this in php.ini:

[PHP_COM_DOTNET] extension=php_com_dotnet.dll

Previously it was compiled as built-in on the Windows build.

PHP Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:50532 Library:50614 in /var/www/newznab/www/lib/framework/db.php on line 15

Fix = apt-get install php5-mysqlnd (note: actual version numbers may vary from install to install)

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function gzopen() in /var/www/newznab/www/lib/nzb.php on line 22

Related to known issue http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2217927 Fix = update all references to gzopen to be gzopen64