Newznab has a large number of variable settings which can be defined via the Admin interface.

When you click on Admin you will be taken to the Admin Hangout. On the left hand side you will see a list of option under the title Admin Functions.

This page is a work-in-progress and incomplete

Admin Hangout

The Admin Hangout by default will show you a welcome page. The actual intention of the Admin Hangout is to show you any Status Alerts. You can enable this by clicking on hide this welcome message.

The status messages can identify several issues:

* If there are any database patches that need to be run.
* Bad database version.
* Shared keys being used.
* High binary header retention
* Newznab ID missing.
* Mysql configuration issues.

Admin Functions


Will take you home, as defined by the Default Home Page in the Edit Site page.

Admin Home

Will bring you back to the Admin Hangout.

Edit Site

Add Edit Content Page

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Edit Categories

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View TheTVDB List

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Import Export Nzb’s

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